• Reveal 01

    VR Visor

    Once on-board the Galactica Craft, you’ll put on your virtual reality Visor. A first of its generation on a rollercoaster, it’s ultra-light so you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing anything. It will transform a thrilling ride into something entirely out of this world.

    In a split-second, your world will be altered with sophisticated virtual reality technology that allows full immersion in your surroundings, the wonders of space.

    Eve (your Onboard Artificial Intelligence System) will be guiding you through your spaceflight.

  • Reveal 02

    Launch Portal

    The Launch Portal is the circular, multi dimensional gateway. Galactinauts will be propelled through the Launch Portal before embarking on their exploration in the wonders of space.

    Sitting proudly, the Launch Portal creates a prominent landmark in the surroundings of the Forbidden Valley at ALTON TOWERS Resort, marking the Gateway from Earth to the Universe.

  • Reveal 03

    The Craft

    The craft, our iconic flying rollercoaster is the propulsion device used to send Galactica soaring on its journey through interstellar space for the first time in history.

  • Reveal 04

    Galactinauts Wanted

    You are invited to join an elite and privileged group of interstellar pioneers to be the universe’s first Galactinauts to experience space flight. To be successful you must succeed in a number of challenges!

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  • Reveal 05

    Book a short interstellar break

    Why not turn your voyage through space into something even more epic? Book a Galactica Moon Voyage short break at ALTON TOWERS Resort and you will be treated to a space-themed overnight stay in a room with out of this world views. Other fantastical perks include early access to selected rides and your second day theme park free.


  • Reveal 06

    The universe at your fingertips

    With our new Galactica game you can explore the thrilling wonders of space travel from anywhere. Want to feel what it’s like to be a Galactinaut? Download it now.

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