• Management member 01

    Experience Officer

    To ensure that your every need is met on Earth and in space, our support staff are on hand to help you prepare for launch.

  • Management member 02

    Engineering Officer

    Our pioneering research teams working in the Galactica laboratories handle the science behind our unique technology.

  • Management member 03

    Space Tourism Agent

    Our team of space tourism specialists will help you book your perfect Spaceflight.


Our mission

  1. We are committed to preserving the disparate environments of the universe, and will never knowingly despoil space
  2. We believe the universe is a boundless environment to fire the imagination as much as it is an arena for travel
  3. We are commited to the development of ground-breaking Spaceflight
  4. We provide unrivalled access to the limitless wonders of space never experienced before
  5. We give access to join an elite and privileged group of interstellar pioneers
  • Position

    Our Location

    The home for the new space port operated by Galactica was chosen as Forbidden Valley.

  • Guide


    Throughout your spaceflight, you will be guided by Eve, our Onboard Artificial System. Eve will follow the flight plan, navigate you through the cosmos whilst keeping you safe and informed at all times.