• Tech 01


    Galactica is able to cover incredible distances across the universe, and visit destinations that were once considered impossible for humans to reach. We do this by travelling through wormholes - where the fabric of space-time folds back on itself. It’s an interstellar shortcut, like a giant slide between two locations.

  • Tech 02

    Portal System

    The Launch Portal is where your space flight begins. Galactica, partnering with Air Space Technologies, developed a multi- dimensional portal using the Resort’s iconic flying rollercoaster coaster as the propulsion device to send passengers soaring through interstellar space for the first time in history.

  • Tech 03


    Our jetpack is a technological miracle in itself, combining science with comfort. From launch through to intergalactic exploration, we promise a safe and gripping journey.

  • Tech 04


    Airspace Technologies have a fleet of technologically advanced spaceships currently orbiting in space.

  • Tech 05


    The latest service-bots from Cybernetica will form your ‘ground crew’ ensuring that you are ready for space travel.